Welcome to Calderdale Community Taekwondo


Calderdale Community Taekwondo was established for the purpose of making the learning of a Martial Art affordable and enjoyable to everyone.

JerryLibbyIsaacWith 3 different schools in Calderdale, our membership of the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation (G.B.T.F), our affiliation to the International Taekwondo Council and external assessments of a students abilities by 6 times world champion, England Team Captain and Coach, Mr Roger Lawrence, you are assured of quality training to an exceptional standard, in a fun, relaxed and inviting environment.


NeilFrontkickCalderdale Community Taekwondo is run by Senior lead Instructor Neil Capper, 4th Dan Black Belt.  Neil has had many years of experience within Martial Arts, having started at a very young age at the YMCA in Halifax.  Whilst in the Military (2nd Battalion, The Light Infantry) he started to study Karate as a passtime.  After 9 years Neil left the Army and started life in Civilian Street.  It was at this time that he found a Taekwondo Club local to himself and he started training.  That was nearly 20 years ago and he is still going strong.  He is now a qualified Instructor, International Taekwondo Council recognised Umpire and Referee and in May 2019, was awarded his 3rd Dan following an examination by 6 times world and 9 times European Champion and head of the G.B.T.F Mr Roger Lawrence, Head of the International Taekwondo Council Mr John McNally and the G.B.T.F. Technical Advisor Mr Mike Essian.


Family Friendly

AntOllyCalderdale Community Taekwondo actively encourages families to train together.  The training and assessmenst that students undertake are the same regardless of age and therefore, we believe this means that should families want to train together, they can.  This means that our younger students feel confident in their first few classes and our older students feel a little less self concious while training.  To help with this and to keep costs down, we offer generous discounts when family members train together.


What is Taekwondo  

ChloeSideKickTaekwondo is a Korean Martial Art which is taught to the Korean Army and is reputed to be the fastest growing Martial Art currently in the UK.  Taekwondo means, The Art of Hand and Foot Fighting.  Today, this is demonstrated at competitions when students will compete against each other in sparring, individual and team patterns, tag team sparring, and board breaking, all of which are officiated over by qualified umpires and referees.  There are two distinctly different styles of Taekwondo.  We teach the I.T.F. style which uses more hands and feet, as opposed to the WT style, which is known more as a sports style rather than the original Martial Art.  To read more about these styles and the differences, click HERE 


How to find us

If you would like to know more about our training you can contact us by using the contact form HERE

Or, if you prefer, you can phone Neil on 07530 874386

The club training is as follows: -

Monday, 6pm till 7.30pm, Forest Cottage, Cousin Lane, Halifax

Monday, Adults Class, 7.30pm till 9pm, Forest Cottage, Cousin Lane, Halifax

Tuesdays 6.30pm till 8pm, Forrest Cottage, Cousin Lane, Halifax

Wednesday 6pm till 7.30pm, Forest Cottage, Cousin Lane, Halifax

Thursday 6pm till 7.30pm, Warley Road Primary Academy, Warley Road, Halifax

Saturday, 3pm till 4.30pm, Lightcliffe Academy, Lightcliffe, Brighouse.