Where are we

Calderdale Community Taekwondo trains at a number of different locations within Calderdale and we are constantly looking for more in the area to open new schools. For contact details of the schools we currently have, select the appropriate button below.  This will take you to the contact details for that location, including the full postal address, a map, photograph of the area, the contact number and a contact form for that school.

Choi2We teach the I.T.F. (international Taekwondo Federation) style of Taekwondo, chh1which is the origonal style inarguate on the11th April 1955, as opposed to the World Taekwondo (WT) Federation style, also reffered to as Sports Taekwondo, which was inarguated in May 1973.

Training at all of the venues is geared around the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation's  (G.G.T.F.) Syllabus.  This syllabus is basedon the origonal training devised by the founders of Taekwondo, Grandmaster C K Choi and Major General Choi Hong Hi (decd). 

All instructors within the G.B.T.F. are continually assessed and reviewed for their knowledge and teachings by both the association and the International Taekwondo Council to ensure that what you are being taught is both accurate and correct and that you are being taught what is expected