Warley Road School of Taekwondo

Warley Road School of Taekwondo is our newest club.  We train at Warley Road Primary Academy
The training hall is accessed through the schools side door entrance which is located at the bottom left side of the school by Stoodley Terrace.


A member of staff will be by these doors to let students in, however, if you arrive a little late, just call Neil on 07530 874386 and he will arrange for the door to be opened for you.

Forest Cottage
Like all training at Calderdale Community Taekwondo, we actively encourage families to train together, not separatly, while at the same time, allowing adult students to train with other adults if they prefer.
Training in this way has significant advantages for all students.  Those who enjoy sparing are ale to train with all ages allowing them to practice many different techniques and this is one of the reasons why Calderdale Community Taekwondo has enjoyed so much success at Local, National and International level Competitions
For those students who prefer the Art of Taekwondo, they are able to learn from students of all ages.  The higher belt Junior students gain confidence when helping the lower belt Senior students learn their patterns and linework and adults gain satisfaction in knowing they are helping the Juniour students to develop, learn and grow.
Training at Warley Road School of Taekwondo is on a Thursdays from 6 till 7.30pm
The full address of the venue is:
Warley Road Primary Academy
Warley Road
West Yorkshire
 Tel: 07530 874386
If you would like more information on Warley Road School of Taekwondo, please feel free to contact us either by phone or by completing the form on the right