What do we do at Calderdale Community Taekwondo

We run several clubs in various locations within Calderdale and are steadily growing with new clubs opening up. These clubs are where you undergo full training in the ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) style of Taekwondo. This basically means you learn to use your hands and feet, and is the Original style as taught to the Korean Army, as opposed to the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) style which predominantly uses legs and was also described as the ‘Sports’ style.

At these clubs, students will progress through the Grading (Belt Assessment) syllabus, learning individual and combinations of moves, Self Defense and Sparing Techniques, and Patterns All of these are demonstrated to an external examiner who, if satisfies, will grant the student their next belt. For those grading for Black Belt and above, the assessment is carried out by at least 3 external examiners.



Calderdale Community Taekwondo run a number of After School Clubs at local Schools, both Local Educational Authority (LEA) run and Academies, both Primary and Secondary, within Calderdale.  We are happy to include all ages and have students from Reception through to Key Stage 5 dependant on the needs of the individual school.  These classes are adjusted for the students who are attending or for the needs of the school