Traditional Classes


Traditional classes are what people think of when we talk about Martial Arts Clubs.  Here, students will progress through the Grading (Belt Assessment) syllabus, learning individual and combinations of moves, Self Defense, Sparing Techniques, and Patterns All of these are demonstrated to an external examiner who, if satisfied, will grant the student their next belt. For those grading for Black Belt and above, the assessment is carried out by at least 3 external examiners.  Traditional Classes include:


Linework and Patterns

BBTrainingLinework is where all students line up in order of grade (Belts) and will practice different techniques such as hand techniques including punches and strikes, kicks, blocks, and different combinations of these.  These are practiced together.  The instructor will call out the specific moves while moving around the students.  As he is moving around, They will be watching what the students are doing and helping them if they see a student is struggling.  Patterns are similar to linework except they are a set sequence of against one or more imaginary opponents, allowing the student to practice defensive and offensive techniques.  Each pattern is named after a famous individual fron Korean History and has an interpretation attached to it, which students learn to help them draw inspiration. 



IMG 4817

Techniques are also practiced against small round focus pads. This allows the student to improve their speed and accuracy against a small target. Students will practice numerous different hand and foot techniques which include punches and kicks.  In addition to the small pads, larger 'Kick shields' are someties used in class.  These larger pads allow students to use more power while practicing to help with techniques.




Students will practice sparing against other students. When sparing, students wear protective equipment, and all contact is light contact so as not to cause injury to each other. This allows the students to put into practice what they learn in class.  Students are also able to enter competitions against other clubs from around the world, where they are able to test themselves and their abilities against students from different clubs



Self Defense

IMG 3899As part of the grading syllabus, students will demonstrate self defense techniques to the grading examiner. These are learnt during normal classes, and students are actively encouraged to combine different techniques from their linework. This allows the student to practice in a safe environment where they are not at risk of something going wrong.




A natural part of training is Fitness. The very manner and methods used to train students mean they naturally become fitter and more active. As a result of this, students also benefit from increased Confidence, Self-Control, Discipline, perseverance, and determination.